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What is Hydrovac Excavation?

Hydrovac excavation is a popular alternative to mechanical excavation and an effective method of daylighting. The Hydrovac equipment uses high power water to slice through the ground and then uses a vacuum to suction the earth out into a tank mounted on the Hydrovac truck.

The pressurized water can easily cut through thick grass and frozen soil while posing near zero risk to utility lines. The water breaks apart the earth into mud and debris while keeping an environment that is minimal risk of any injuries or damages.

Hydrovac trucks are equipped to operate year-round, even during winter months by heating up the pressurized water with the use of high-power coil heaters.

Most Hydrovac trucks can dig down to the 20-30 feet range depending on the consistency of the soil where you are digging. There are also newer versions of hydrovac trucks that can dig down to 60 ft!

Other methods of excavation require excavators, skid steers, dump trucks, and other various equipment. Hydrovac excavation only needs one truck and one operator. This makes using a Hydrovac one of the most affordable and safe methods for excavation.

If you need hydrovac services, CanWest would be happy to provide you with a complimentary quote.

Hydrovac services that we offer

  • Utility Daylighting
  • Wet/dry clean-up
  • Slurry Removal
  • Post Holes
  • Trenches

*Please note that our team does not offer removal of contaminated materials. Our equipment is only able to handle non-contaminated materials at this time.

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Types of Bollards

Metal and concrete bollards are capable of defending your business from the impact of a vehicle. These days, the highest quality of bollards can withstand a moving vehicle moving at 80 km per hour!

There are four main types of bollards:

  • Embedded Bollards
  • Surface Mounted Bollards
  • Rebounding Bollards
  • Retractable/Removable bollards.

Embedded Bollards are typically the first choice for most owners. They are made from Steel tubes that are embedded deep within the ground and then filled with concrete. Costs for these bollards can be substantial as they require coring out the existing surface.

Surface Mounted Bollards use an anchor system to mount the bollards to the surface. This is an inexpensive method. These bollards cannot take much force and operate more like an intimidation tactic or simply to maintain a presence of strength. The downside of these bollards is that the anchor system quickly faulters under pressure and breaks compromising the item the bollard(s) are protecting.

Rebounding Bollards are very cost effective and can sustain pressure and bounce back. The bollard is supposed to return to its original position when being hit. They also will not/should not create much damage to the vehicles.

Rebounding bollards have an added benefit of being able to withstand a small amount of force and disperse the energy, reducing the amount of force that will hit the object the bollard is protecting.

Retractable/Removable bollards are designed to provide access and remove access. They are useful for event spaces to allow for setup and businesses that have restricted access at certain times. They are place as a pip-in-a-tube that then is operated remotely. Alternatively, these bollards can also have a pin at the base that allows the operator to detach too bollard manually from the ground.

Here at CanWest, our team specializes in embedded bollards for permanent applications but can help with the install of any type of bollard.

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Controlling Traffic with Parking Lot Maintenance

Line painting and bollards can be a driving force in having a parking lot that is easily maintainable. By directing the flow of traffic and protecting costly building corners, a property owner can drastically increase the safe environment of their lot. Cutting down on motor vehicle collisions and helping to prevent drivers from becoming blocked by other drivers.

Sweeping services for parking lots and roads

Measures that can be installed to help with controlling traffic:

  • Bright Line Painting
  • Bollards
  • Designate entrances and exits
  • Installing speed bumps
  • Providing space for vehicles to pass
  • Create pedestrian walkways

For additional information, or for a complimentary estimate please contact our team today!

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Importance of Maintaining Your Pavement

First impressions matter

Bollard installation 2021

Appearance means a lot to first time visitors and repeat clients. Maintaining the first impression a visitor sees when arriving could make the difference in getting a large sale or the visitor going elsewhere. Driveways and parking lots are also very expensive to have the pavement completely redone. The removal and excavation can be a lot more than most property owners are willing to pay.

There are several things property owners can do to maintain their pavement and guarantee a long-life span:

  1. Complete regular inspections
  2. Perform regular street sweeping
  3. Check for drainage
  4. Rout and seal cracks
  5. Remove chemical stains
  6. Seal coating
  7. Reroute traffic with line painting and bollards.

 CanWest is the one stop shop for concrete and asphalt maintenance. We are passionate about pavement and know that not all services out there have you covered. Our team is capable of offering you a full parking lot surface maintenance package to guarantee the long life span of your pavement.

Our team is also able to spot, recommend, and correct and parking lot sustainability problem that could arise. With 40+ years experience in the business we have seen it all!

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CanWest Offers Street Sweeping Service

Here is a surprising statistic … street sweepers actually pre-date cars!

History Lesson:

Invented during the Industrial Revolution, it is unclear who actually was the inventor. Some say it was C.S. Bishop who invented a mechanized street sweeper in 1849, other say it was C.B. Brooks who invented the paper hole puncher in 1896. The automobile wasn’t widely available in the US until the 20th century. By then, street sweepers were already cleaning up. Seems odd, what would street sweepers be cleaning up … if there weren’t cars readily available, you wouldn’t think there’d be many roads?

At any rate, it is said that the first Elgin Street Sweeper was purchased by city officials in Boise, Idaho in 1914. And the rest, as they say is history.

Read more about Street Sweepers on: ‘How Stuff Works’ …

You’ve Come a Long Way Baby!

Today, street sweepers are much quieter, cleaner and more efficient than the first horse-drawn carts. Uses have expanded too! With so much pavement around today, street sweeping is in high demand from not just roadways but also sidewalks, parking lots/garages, airport runways, construction sites and more.

We’ve Got You!

At CanWest, we have equipment ranging from bobcats with sweeper attachments to Elgin and Challenger street sweeper units. We service roads and highways, airports, parking lots & sidewalks in the Calgary and Edmonton areas with sweeping service contracts as well as businesses requiring sweeping of their parking lots and other roadways.

CanWest is fully insured, WCB, COR & ISN Certified so when we work at your property you can be assured that you assume no risk or liability.

Are You a DYI’er?

At CanWest, we have you completely covered! If you’d rather get the job done yourself, we rent out our street sweeper fleet. That’s right! Rentals available NOW.

Get Your Clean On

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