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Electric Demolition Robot

Breaking and Bursting Services. Save time and money, and get the job done safely with our new, state-of-the-art, electric demolition robot. The ideal solution for work in sensitive environments and restricted spaces.

Safety First

  • Eliminates contaminants from catalytic converters, gas, diesel and propane for a safe, carbon monoxide-free, working environment.
  • No fumes in your ventilation system – your staff can remain in the building while the work is being done.
  • Operated remotely to protect other workers on site.
  • COR and ISN certified.
  • The operator can see over the machine when working, creating a safer and more efficient working environment and lowering the risk of injury.

Features of Our Demolition Robot

  • Breaker and jaws that will break concrete up to 12” thick.
  • At only 31” wide, can pass through most doorways and stairways.
  • Can climb stairs and access the hardest to reach spaces.
  • Fixed arm with a 16-foot range.
  • Remotely controlled with Bluetooth technology.
  • Runs off 480V power that can be converted to any requirements.
Removing a concrete garage pad

Concrete Burster- Vibration Proof Concrete Breaking

Need some concrete removed, but there’s a potentially dangerous situation because of vibrations? Or perhaps noise must be kept to a minimum in a sensitive area.

Then allow CanWest Concrete to use its specialized equipment for those delicate jobs, such as breaking very thick concrete where more traditional cutting methods won’t work.

Our concrete burster is a compact, yet extremely powerful machine that can fit into tight spaces. It’s quiet, dust and vibration free, and outperforms conventional concrete hand tools.

After holes are drilled into the concrete, this concrete bursting machine is placed inside the hole. The hydraulic fluid causes the device to expand until the concrete cracks and breaks into smaller, more manageable pieces.

This vibration free concrete breaking technique is perfect for applications such as busy public places, tight spaces where conventional equipment cannot be used, and settings where vibrations could cause structural damage (inside small rooms, basements of buildings, etc.)

Talk to our concrete breaking specialists today to see if this is the right application for your situation.


Boulder Buster

Large boulders can cause a set back in your excavation or landscaping projects but CanWest has the perfect solution!

In just seconds our Boulder Buster safely breaks large rocks and boulders into more manageable pieces for removal. It is the perfect tool if you have run into a large rock while digging or simply need a decorative lawn boulder removed.

Learn More About Our Breaking and Bursting Services

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