Spyder Crane

CanWest is pleased to offer the services of a Spyder Crane. This machine boasts a very compact design, allowing it to easily access tight areas.

The crane in its compacted form measures 24” wide and is fitted with rubber crawler tracks. The design allows it to travel through a space as small as a standard doorway. It has zero emissions allowing for use in indoor and poorly ventilated areas. The lightweight design also allows it to be easily moved from floor to floor in a standard freight elevator.

The Spyder Crane has a 360 degree rotation and has the capability of 52 outrigger positions. The design of this machine makes it an industry leader on job sites where there are tight spaces, uneven surfaces, and various obstacles. The Spyder Crane also boasts some great safety features such as voice messaging alerts to the operator, visual load indicator, patented over turn, and, overload protection.

With this addition to our fleet of equipment CanWest once again proves it’s ability to lead in the field of advancing technology for safety and efficiency on your job sites. Call Canwest today for a quote. We will be happy to explain how this equipment can make your job easier.

Need a mini-crane for a while? We have our SpyderCrane’s ready for you to use


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