Hydrovac Services

CanWest provides Hydrovac services for commercial, industrial and residential projects.

Traditional mechanical excavation using heavy machinery can present several safety risks. Let our team of excavation professionals help you complete your excavation job with minimal impact or damage to the surrounding areas.

Our trucks meet the highest industry safety standard, lowest environmental impact, as well as have many useful applications. By using advanced Hydrovac trucks, we can help you cut down on labour costs and get your job done efficiently for a fraction of the cost instead of using traditional methods.


Hydrovac services we offer:

  • Utility daylighting
  • Wet/dry cleanup
  • Slurry removal
  • Post holes
  • Short or Slot trenches
  • removal of non-contaminated materials only



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What is Hydrovac Excavation?

Hydrovac excavation is the process where the soil is displaced or removed from an area by the use of pressurized water in addition to a vacuum truck.

Benefits of Hydrovac Excavation?

Hydrovac excavation allows for professionals to complete a job with higher accuracy and fewer problems than with conventional techniques.

The non-mechanical nature of the process reduces your project labour costs, reduces traffic on your job site, provides better accuracy while digging, as well as reduces the risk of cracking items such as utility pipes that are beneath the surface.

Finally, Hydrovac services is perfect in Canada’s cold climate – pressurized warm water easily penetrates frozen ground. This means you no longer would have to wait till spring and can accomplish your project much faster.


Alberta Construction Safety Association Associate Member Avetta Workplace Safety Certificate of Recognition ISN World Member Contractor ComplyWorks