Crane & Picker Services

Crane & Picker jobs are easier and faster when the correct equipment is used. CanWest has a mixture of small cranes and picker trucks specialized in moving materials to job sites or business. 

Picker Trucks

Referred to as boom trucks or picker cranes, picker trucks are incredible versatile in handling a range of hoisting operations and for delivering materials for all kinds of industries. The picker truck has the capabilities of hoisting heavy loads onto the picker truck bed.

A picker truck has a telescopic arm that works like a crane that comes with the benefits of being mounted on a mobile surface. The arm consists of two primary structures, which are the main boom and jib.This allows the picker to drive on roads and over rougher terrain without having to be carried to site using an additional vehicle.

Crane & Picker Services. Boom truck being used to remove a concrete wall panel in a wearhouse.

Spyder Cranes

Known as mini-crawler cranes or mini cranes, Spydercranes are built for mobility and can fit in tight spaces and on uneven surfaces. They travel on dual rubber tracks and have legs that “spider” as outriggers. The Spydercrane can compact allowing for the crane to fit through entryways and doors. This makes the crane the top choice for interiors, roofs, and tight spaces.

Spyder cranes are used for a large variety of smaller crane jobs including but not limited to HVAC installations, landscaping, framing, building renovations and much more. The versatility of the Spydercrane makes them the most used cranes on the market today.

Crane & Picker Services. Mini-Crawler crane being used to remove a wall panel from an enclosed indoor space.

Crane & Picker Options: Which crane is right for your job?

Check the Load Weight to be lifted. If you use a high-capacity crane for a small load, this will end up wasting labour and time. If you use a low-capacity crane for a large load, this could end up fatal. To be sure, always check the load weight of the item you will be lifting and check the specifications on the cranes you have to choose from.

You will also need to determine where the load will be lifted from and delivered to. Uneven surfaces or terrain will affect how a crane will need to operate. Calculate the moving distance, evaluate the location, assess any weather conditions, and if you are not sure, contact professionals that can help ensure your load is lifted safely.

If you are purchasing a crane, or for that matter operating any crane, you will also want to view any damages and wear-and-tear the crane might have. A very well used crane might not be able to lift at full capacity. If you are not sure, it is always best to call a professional. There are also many companies like CanWest Equipment Rentals that rent cranes by the day, week, and month. Anyone of the staff should be able to point you towards the correct crane needed for your next project.

Crane & Picker Operators

Alberta’s Skilled Trade and Apprenticeship Education Act states that all boom truck, picker truck, tower crane, or mobile crane operators need to be certified to be able to operate a crane. To be able to get this certification in Alberta, please follow this link to the Alberta Apprenticeship and Industry training page for Crane and Hoisting Operator’s web page for more information.

Crane & Picker Complimentary Estimate

CanWest Concrete Cutting & Coring have several trained and certified crane operators that are capable to helping in any project. We provide free estimates on all projects and would be happy to help guide you towards the best available option for completing your project on-time. Visit our Crane & Picker Services page for more information. 

We also have Spydercranes available for rent through CanWest Equipment Rentals Division for smaller projects or projects in enclosed areas.



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