Concrete Repair & Crack Sealing 

Chasing and sealing with the use of a vacuum connected to an air compressor

Quick, Professional Crack Sealing & Concrete Repair Services

We find the lowest cost, fastest way to get the job done! Our concrete repair specialists and crack sealing crews can use their equipment to take care of your project quickly & efficiently.


Cracks in concrete happen over time and are caused by changes in temperature, improper application of concrete and/or coatings, and natural wear and tear. It’s important for businesses that have concrete surfaces to get these cracks sealed before water penetration can endanger the cements stability. Furthermore, with proper crack repair, you can prevent shifting concrete, potholes, and improve the over all look of your concrete.

Services We Can Provide:

  • Concrete chasing & sealing
  • Milling
  • Concrete joint repair/rehabilitation
  • Replacing damaged joint filler
  • Dowel bar retrofit
  • Stitching concrete for pavement cracks & joints
  • Slot stitching crack repair
  • Cross stitching crack repair


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  • Crack chasing and sealing
  • Concrete spall repair
  • & Much More!


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Dust Control

Anytime that routing or chasing is completed, the process can produce a lot of dust that can contain Silica.

Our team of experts use a combination of water and a vacuum hose connected to an air compressor to eliminate Silica from entering the air.

All of our concrete professionals have been trained in Silica awareness and all of the advanced techniques required to keep a clean environment for our workers and the job sites we work at.










Crack Sealing 2021

The importance of crack sealing

Defend your property from the high cost of having to replace your concrete. By crack sealing, you can help prevent erosion, increase traction, improve drivability, and present a clean property for your visitors.

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