Concrete Contractors Services: Residential Clients and Contractors

If you are a homeowner, a small or medium residential building company or a commercial contractor, you need a reliable, dependable sub-contractor who puts your needs first. You need CanWest.

Let us put our project management skills, fleet of state-of-the-art equipment, and fully trained operators who put safety first to work in your home or on your residential properties. At CanWest you can access a wide range if services with just one phone call. We also have the equipment and skills you need to complete renovations within budget. And as concrete contractors and experts for more than 25 years, we are able to install basement windows professionally and quickly, whether you need one window or several.

Trust the Professionals

We are long-time Calgary contractors and longstanding members of the Better Business Bureau. We are COR certified (an industry safety standard) and our workplaces have Workers’ Compensation coverage. Most importantly, we absolutely and unconditionally guarantee all our work. You can trust CanWest as we strive to be residential concrete contractors of choice.


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