Get high-quality demolition services for your next industrial, commercial or residential demolition project.

At CanWest, we know how to destroy things. Our demolitions are fast, clean and affordable and include the removal of concrete, gravel, dirt and all building material. We perform complete building demolition or house demolition or partial demolitions.

CanWest is a full-serve demolition company, providing demolition and waste removal services as well as concrete cutting and foundation construction. We also have an extensive fleet of crane-equipped dump trucks and offer complete crane service during and after the demolition process.


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Make Sure Your Interior Demolition is Done Safely!

Interior demolition can be dangerous if toxic fumes are inhaled. Make sure your interior demolition is done safely but quickly. CanWest will conduct the interior portion of your demolition with a portable crane and electric, fumeless equipment. It’s better for occupants, and for the environment.

Alberta Construction Safety Association Associate Member Avetta Workplace Safety Certificate of Recognition ISN World Member Contractor ComplyWorks