bobcat Skid Steer & Mini Hoe Service

Skid steer removing a concrete garage pad

Residential & Commercial skid steer  & Electric demolition Robot

CanWest has a large variety of mini Bobcat skid steers and mini hoes – from one that will go through as small as a 28″ opening to the largest Bobcat machines and hoes available.

The small equipment is great for getting into backyards with limited access (too close to the adjacent house, small walkways etc.) – going through man doors to do interior demolition. Don’t pay for a full size machine when all you need is a fence post dug out or a cable TV line or gas line. Call CanWest!

Machines have been converted to electric so they are fumeless and safe to use indoors. The small machines allow us to do work that was previously done by hand (back breaking labour that is time consuming and expensive).

Residential  Bobcat Skidsteer Services:

  • Digging holes for trees
  • Creating new flower beds
  • Landscaping
  • Sod ground preparation
  • Sod laying
  • Snow Removal
  • And more….

Do it yourself! With our bobcat, excavator and skidsteer rentals – available for the day, week or month!


Mini Hoe demolishing an inground swimming pool. After: sod preparation and laying

Electric demolition Robot

Save time and money, and get the job done safely with our new, state-of-the-art, electric demolition robot – the first of its kind in western Canada. The ideal solution for work in sensitive environments and restricted spaces. Learn more about interior demolition.

CanWest is fully insured, WCB, COR & ISN Certified so when we work at your home/property you can be assured that you assume no risk or liability – when getting quotes ALWAYS ask the company you are dealing with to see their current WCB clearance and current insurance to be sure you are not putting yourself or your family at risk.


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Fumeless Equipment for Interior Work:

  • Mini electric excavator
  • Electric demolition robot
  • Electric jackhammering

List of Attachments for Bobcat Skid Steers/Minihoes:

  • Concrete breakers
  • Concrete crushers
  • Minihoe compactor
  • Post Hole Augers
  • Asphalt milling attachment 18” to 30” width
  • Forks
  • Pickup brooms
  • Angle Open Face Brooms
  • Dump hoppers
  • Grader blade
  • Demolition grapple buckets
  • Dirt trenchers
  • Wheel saw trencher
  • Angle snow plows


Alberta Construction Safety Association Associate Member Avetta Workplace Safety Certificate of Recognition ISN World Member Contractor ComplyWorks