Slab Sawing

Residential Slab Saw Cutting 2022

Experienced Cuts

CanWest has trained cutting experts and a variety of slab saws capable of all project sizes that can help provide cost effective clean cuts though any Concrete and Asphalt material. From interior to exterior work, our saws can handle all of the depths needed for your next project. 

We can cut any type of concrete or Asphalt

If you’re not sure Slab sawing is the best solution, contact our team today. CanWest knows how to cut concrete from wall cutting, slab cutting, curb cutting, floor cutting, and many more types of cuts. CanWest knows how to cut concrete.

We also offer soft-cutting services (also known as green concrete cutting) which is early entry concrete sawing for cutting freshly poured concrete.


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Professional Service

We offer a range of concrete cutting options for your industrial, commercial, or residential project and we’re devoted to keeping to your schedule no matter what.

When our team arrives, they show up with fully equipped trucks and trailers including everything needed to provide a fast professional service. Our equipment inventory is replenished each year with top-of-the-line equipment that helps reduce time spent at jobsites.

CanWest also has engineered blades capable of faster, cleaner cuts, with a longer rotation life than other branded blades like Hilti Bosch. This allows for us to keep the cost of our cuts and the cost of your projects to a minimum.

Slab Saw Applications

Slab saws are an excellent method for cutting professionally and precisely. Slab sawing helps to:

  • Decrease the use of a jackhammer
  • Provide clean horizontal cuts
  • Cut through tough reinforce concrete
  • Cut out trenches
  • Cut out damaged pieces of concrete or asphalt

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For more information, Call to speak to one of our concrete experts today. 


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