Asphalt & Concrete Milling

Asphalt Milling

Affordable Pavement Restoration

Canwest has been completing milling for over 30 years. Our team specializes in handling cement and asphalt repairs on projects large and small. Trust our team to make experienced decisions for the longevity of your pavement, saving money on your project.  

The process involves grinding up the surface of the pavement to provide a smooth surface for repaving. Often, milling is an appropriate option for pavements that have widespread cracks, raveling, or a uneven slope. So long as your subbase is intact, milling is your best option to correct a wide array of concrete and asphalt repairs effectively all at once.


Benefits of Milling:

  • Restore pavement while keeping the original height
  • Allows you to repave a small area, instead of repaving your entire surface.
  • Can correct a lot of cracks all at once
  • Furthers the lifespan of your pavement subbase
  • Cheaper than repaving

If you are not sure if milling is the correct option for you, please contact one of our professionals today for more information.