Asphalt Repairs & Crack Sealing

Crack Sealing & Repairs

Our team of professionals have under gone a lot of training in crack sealing and Asphalt maintenance for a variety of applications. When our crack sealing team arrives on locations, you can be assured, that you have seasoned professionals that have 30 + years of experience of completing sealing projects like your own.

We use state-of-the-art Craftco machines and sealant to ensure a long-lasting seal. Our machines are also engineered to seal faster and more efficiently than older models. This allows for our team to take jobs all across Alberta and to have fast response times compared to competitors.

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Crack sealing is recommended for parking lots, parking garages, roads, airports,  driveways, residential streets, cross walks, and walkways in recreational areas or parks. Different trafficked areas require different treatment to extend the lifespan of your pavement. Trust our professionals to get the job done right.


Asphalt repairs.

Our team is also able to help with additional Asphalt repairs and upgrades that include:









Proper attention to cracks will prevent problems from spreading and double the life of the pavement. Asphalt crack repairs in the early stages of deterioration will pay big dividends later by delaying costly resurfacing. 


Asphalt sealing is used to fill extremely shallow cracks and act as a protective layer to existing asphalt pavement. 





Instead of replacing or repairing asphalt pavement, another option is asphalt resurfacing or an asphalt overlay. This is also known as asphalt reconstruction and is the process of adding a new layer of asphalt over an existing paved surface. We can help with the asphalt resurfacing of your residential driveway, pathways and parking lots. 


Asphalt patching is limited to the top 1-2 inches of an asphalt surface. We use asphalt patching for smaller surface areas that have a stable base to support the patching repairs. Some application patching is used for:

  • Potholes
  • Overlays and edge repairs 
  • Utility cuts
  • Around manhole covers, water valves, drains and catch basin grates

Asphalt Patch Repair Procedure

CanWest fills the affected areas with hot or cold asphalt mix (cold patch), depending on the season and/or site location









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