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attachment rentals 

We have many attachments for skid steers and excavators on hand. A variety of buckets, augers, and trenchers are available to add-on to your heavy-equipment rental or to use on equipment you already have.


We have compaction equipment suitable for a variety of surfaces. Whether you need a plate packer, jumping jack or a drum roller – contact us to find out what your best option is for your project.


core drill product rentals 

CanWest specializes in concrete coring, so we know our stuff when it comes to core drill products. We have handheld coring drills, like the WEKA DK16 as well as a rig-based drilling system from Hilti. These drills are capable of horing holes in ceilings, walls and floors smoothly and precisely.

diesel air compressor rentals

We supply low rental cost, powerful tow-behind air compressors to Calgary contractors for their projects. Easy drive-by pickup and hookup. 

electric equipment rentals

Do you want to rent equipment that is a little easier on Mother Earth? CanWest has a collection of electric rental equipment to offer our customers. For either interior or exterior work, we have a piece for your project needs.

excavator rentals

We have quite the collection of excavation rental equipment available for you. You can use our excavators for simple landscape work, digging holes, lifting and placing large objects and demolishing structures. We have mini-excavtors like the Kubota K008-3 and bigger options like the Komatsu 160. Please note that some of our bigger excavation units will require a larger delivery fee.

Fan and filter rentals

CanWest carries several ventilation improvement options for your job site. Fans and an air scrubber from Husqvarna, with a Hepa Filter for superior air cleaning functions.

Floor Grinder rentals

Our floor grinders are suited for grinding surfaces like concrete, sealers, paints and glues. These walk behind models allow you to control the speed and direction to smooth the surface you are working on.


generator rentals

Are you looking for generator rentals in Calgary for your project? We have an assortment of generators available to power your jobsite like the smaller Honda EG6500 or a more high-powered unit like the Shindaiwa DGK100D.

hand tool rentals

In addition to our other specialty tool rentals, we have gas chop saws and ring saws available. The Husqvarna K1260 chop saw makes substantial cutting jobs quick and efficient.

skid steer rentals

We have a selection of skid steer rentals available in Calgary – ranging from  an electric mini Sherpa SH100E, Bobcat S70, up to a Bobcat S595. A skid steer is a small, functional piece of equipment that is used for digging. Our ski steers are light and maneuverable and can be used with a variety of attachments (which we also provide) for your construction and landscape jobs. We also have track loaders available.


SpyderCranes were designed for working in confined areas. Its body design offers flexible and versatile lifting capabilities where traditional equipment can’t access. 


street sweeper rentals

Our large sweeper units are good for cleaning up roadways, large driveways, parking lots, such as those found at apartment complexes and shopping centers.

track loader rentals

A track loader is a small but mighty machine that provides a smooth ride on rough terrain that wouldn’t be suitable for tired skid-steers. Whether you need a smaller unit like the Powerpac RDE500 or a bigger machine like the Bobcat T770, we’ve got the perfect track loader rental for you.

Utility trailer rentals

CanWest has several options when it comes to utility trailer rentals. We have a fleet that includes dump trailers, flat decks, drop decks, enclosed trailers, car haulers – something for any need.  

vermeer trencher rental

The Vermeer trencher will cut through concrete and roadworks for utility installation and patchworks with ease.


Strong pumping and cleaning capabilities for your cleanup jobs.We have pumps and pressure washers for homeowner or contractor use.  


Rental Inquiry

canwest’s calgary location now has equipment and tool rentals to cater to contractor’s needs.

We specialize in equipment that is good for rough terrain, landscaped grounds, warehouse operations and more. Our equipment is available for pick-up or delivery right to your jobsite and available with an operator, should you need one*.


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to get connected with a suitable equipment option for your project 

*Please review our pricing guide for rates and additional charges

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Rental Price Guide 

Rental pricing is based on an 8 hour use in 24 hrs and 40 hours of use within 7 days.

Our equipment rentals are available at daily, weekly and monthly rates. 

*Rates subject to chage