The Benefits of Renting

Increase your bottom line

As a contractor, renting equipment from Canwest Equipment Rentals you get access to multiple benefits such as scaling your jobs and increasing your bottom line.

Benefits include:

No Repair Costs

Our team has in-house mechanics that service and complete repair work on the equipment

Reduce your disposal costs

All equipment depreciates over time or become less valuable the more it is used. Eventually, your old equipment becomes near impossible to get rid of. CanWest Equipment rentals can help prevent contractors from dealing with this burden.

Flexibility to support your demand

Some work seasons are busier than others and CanWest can supply you the rentals as you need them.

Minimize your own fleet

Take away the stress of managing your own fleet helping to keep your equipment costs lower.

Take advantage of different equipment

We have a wide array of equipment that can help contractors take on new jobs with additional income.

No need for extra storage areas

Cut done on your property expenditures.

Control project costs

It’s a lot easier to estimate projects when you do not have to worry about wear and tear cost on equipment. Having a set daily, weekly, or monthly rate that you can use to provide a quote to a customer.

Gain access to the latest tech

CanWest purchases advanced technology in the field for use by their parent company. Our Rental company just gets the benefits and is able to provide the benefits to our customers.

Try before you buy

Not sure what size of a dump trailer is need for your projects or what model of skid steer is easiest to maneuver. You can test out a wide range of equipment and have a chance to ask trained operators about the equipment.

Improve your Cash Flow!


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