Innovation breeds success.

And part of that success is accountability when it comes to being on time and on budget, a cornerstone of CanWest Concrete & Cutting & Coring’s foundation, says marketing manager Valerie Hambrook. Which is why it’s important that the company was a leader in installing GPS units in its trucks, a vast fleet of which there are over 100 units on the road at any given time.

“We’ve been around for 35 years now and we were the very first company to do GPS on vehicles years ago. We were doing it when nobody was doing it yet,” she says, adding it speaks to the company’s core values of being where they need to be.

“Because a lot of the work we do can be quite urgent, a lot of our customers call and needs service immediately. Our GPS units allow us to see in real time where everybody is and get someone there as quickly as possible,” Hambrook explains, adding the units also contribute to accurate billing. 

“We work in an industry based on trust and not only can we respond in a timely manner, but we use the GPS units to have proof of work, which is very helpful for billing.

Another benefit to having access to a vast fleet of services and equipment is CanWest can better drive to completion on time and on budget, Hambrook adds.

“Time is money. If we’re down and equipment is not working, things come to a standstill. And that doesn’t work for anybody.”

CanWest prides itself on being industry leaders and that same philosophy applies to the equipment it uses. The company has a full range of state-of-the-art concrete cutting and coring equipment and highly trained operators to service everything from large industrial projects to residential developments.

“We are proud that we can provide our customers access to the newest and most well-maintained fleets of equipment out there today. And because we have multiples of everything, there is no downtime if something breaks down.”

The other benefit of having access to a vast network of equipment is turnaround time on any last-minute needs.

“One of our clients biggest pain points is timely access to equipment. If someone needs a saw in two hours, we get them a saw in two hours. Nobody can do that but us,” Hambrook adds.

CanWest operates an industry-leading safety program that includes job-specific safe work practices and procedures, multiple certifications and a stringent environmental policy, hazard assessment and controls.

The company recently invested heavily in a cutting-edge sustainable concrete cutting process where workers can safely recycle the slurry that’s created when they cut concrete. The process separates the contaminants from the water, which can be reused for the next project.

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