Importance of Maintaining Your Pavement

First impressions matter

Bollard installation 2021

Appearance means a lot to first time visitors and repeat clients. Maintaining the first impression a visitor sees when arriving could make the difference in getting a large sale or the visitor going elsewhere. Driveways and parking lots are also very expensive to have the pavement completely redone. The removal and excavation can be a lot more than most property owners are willing to pay.

There are several things property owners can do to maintain their pavement and guarantee a long-life span:

  1. Complete regular inspections
  2. Perform regular street sweeping
  3. Check for drainage
  4. Rout and seal cracks
  5. Remove chemical stains
  6. Seal coating
  7. Reroute traffic with line painting and bollards.

 CanWest is the one stop shop for concrete and asphalt maintenance. We are passionate about pavement and know that not all services out there have you covered. Our team is capable of offering you a full parking lot surface maintenance package to guarantee the long life span of your pavement.

Our team is also able to spot, recommend, and correct and parking lot sustainability problem that could arise. With 40+ years experience in the business we have seen it all!

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