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Slab Sawing

Not all concrete cutting is the same. Your project will have its own challenges. But whatever the challenge, CanWest has the concrete cutting equipment and knowledge to provide an effective, affordable solution.

We Do It All

Saw Cutting Concrete

Wall cutting, slab cutting, curb cutting, floor cutting. CanWest knows how to cut concrete.

We also offer soff-cutting services (also known as green concrete cutting) which is early entry concrete sawing for cutting freshly poured concrete.

Whether you’re dealing with hard-to-reach concrete or heavily reinforced concrete or you just have a tight schedule that must be met, CanWest can help.

We offer a range of concrete cutting options for your industrial, commercial or residential project and we’re devoted to keeping to your schedule no matter what.

Our experienced concrete cutting operators understand and can help you choose between wall sawing, diamond wire sawing, or electric sawing options. They’ll take the time to carefully evaluate your concrete cutting or masonry cutting needs and advise on what technology works best for you.

Interior Concrete Cutting Services

Want to save time and money on your interior demolition and renovation projects? Need a safer working environment?

Check out our state-of-the art fumeless, electric equipment for all your interior projects:

Concrete Scanning

Not sure what’s in that concrete or asphalt? Ask about our concrete ground penetrating radar service.