Metal and concrete bollards are capable of defending your business from the impact of a vehicle. These days, the highest quality of bollards can withstand a moving vehicle moving at 80 km per hour!

There are four main types of bollards:

  • Embedded Bollards
  • Surface Mounted Bollards
  • Rebounding Bollards
  • Retractable/Removable bollards.

Embedded Bollards are typically the first choice for most owners. They are made from Steel tubes that are embedded deep within the ground and then filled with concrete. Costs for these bollards can be substantial as they require coring out the existing surface.

Surface Mounted Bollards use an anchor system to mount the bollards to the surface. This is an inexpensive method. These bollards can not take much force and operate more like an intimidation tactic or simply to maintain a presence of strength. The down side of these bollards is that the anchor system quickly faulters under pressure and breaks compromising the item the bollard(s) are protecting.

Rebounding Bollards are very cost effective and can sustain pressure and bounce back. The bollard is supposed to return to its original position when being hit. They also will not/should not create much damage to the vehicles.

Rebounding bollards have an added benefit of being able to withstand a small amount of force and disperse the energy reducing the amount of force that will hit the object the bollard is protecting.

Retractable/Removable bollards are designed to provide access and remove access. They are useful for event spaces to allow for setup and businesses that have restricted access at certain times. They are place as a pip-in-a-tube that then is operated remotely. Alternatively, these bollards can also have a pin at the base that allows the operator to detach too bollard manually from the ground.

Here at CanWest, our team specializes in embedded bollards for permanent applications. Our team does have flexibility and can help you for all of your bollard needs.  


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