What is a trencher and why use one?

A trencher is a machine designed to outperform and out trench excavators. Trenchers are designed to perfectly remove soil and to produce straight lines.

Trenchers will only remove the soil that is needed, and the displaced soil can easily be used as backfill without crushing. You will get a clean ditch bottom with straighter walls than what could have been created with any Excavator.

Available with a number of different tooth and chain configurations, the trencher can get any trench dug through any material. The trenchers with correct attachments can cut through soil, tree roots, rocks, concrete, and permafrost with no issues. Tough materials are easy to cut through with the power of the Vermeer Trencher.

In basic soil, with minimal rocks, the trencher can handle 3-4 ft per minute, or 100-200ft per hour.

DIY type of person?

CanWest Equipment Rentals  has a Vermeer trencher available for rent. Visit our Rental’s page for more information.

Not a DIY person?

CanWest Concrete completed year-round trenching for projects of all scale. We have an extensive catalogue of equipment perfect for cutting both exterior and interior trenches that can help to meet your requirements.

Visit our Trenching page for more information, or click on the link below to get a free quote on your upcoming project.

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