Basement separate entrance

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Do you need a separate entrance created to your basement?

Residents of Calgary and Edmonton areas who lack a separate basement entrance should consider the benefits of such an addition. Your basement may be neglected and underused because you lack access, or perhaps, you would like to create an additional suite in your home and want the added privacy of the separate entrance?

WE can cut or enlarge openings in your foundation or concrete walls to install new entryways. 


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When are egress doors needed?

An Egress door is similar in regard to an Egress window where there main use is to both serve as an escape from buildings. The advantage of an egress door is that it is easier and considered safer than an egress window


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What you need to know?

  • Each door’s required capacity needs to be adequate for an Occupant with an precise minimum width of 32′′
  • Each door must have a minimum height of 80″ or taller
  • The maximum width of a swinging door needs to be 48″
  • Egress doors should be at least 36″ wide and 80″ in height. There can be slight variations of these measurements. 

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