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Concrete Removal, Disposal and Demolition

Get your concrete demolition project done quickly and smoothly with CanWest’s experienced demolition/concrete removal crews and huge inventory of wall breaking and concrete removal equipment.

Whether you need an entire building demolished or just a partial demolition for a renovation, we have the concrete demolition equipment and skills to get the job done right.

Our project managers and skilled concrete removal operators will help you determine which of our cranes, dump trucks and other concrete breaking and concrete removing equipment you need so you’re not spending more than you have to. To save you giant headaches, we also offer concrete ground penetrating radar services before we start wall breaking and concrete removal.

Crane Service

Do you know how much weight the cranes on your site need to lift?

You need to, if you want to save time and money. CanWest can help you determine your lifting requirements for any material, over any terrain, and across any distance. Our operators are very experienced, keeping your site safe and getting the job done right — the first time.

Our cranes are qualified for heights up to 35 feet.

Working in an existing building? Your renovation will go smoothly with the help of our portable crane. This innovative piece of equipment is small enough to be transported on an elevator, but rugged enough to handle virtually anything you throw at it.

Dump Trucks

Whatever you need hauled off site, CanWest’s dump trucks get it out of there!

Your project just got easier with CanWest. Our tandem dump trucks are equipped with a 45-foot Hiab crane, making them ideal for lifting out and hauling concrete, gravel, loam, pit run, or whatever you need to get rid of.

We can be on site within a few hours of your call to remove concrete or other material and you don’t have to worry about hiring a separate crane to get the job done. Our commitment to productivity also means we’ll get your unwanted material disposed of quickly and economically.

Safe Interior Demolition

When you’re tackling an interior project, safety is the major concern. No need to worry, we can do all your interior demolition projects safely and quickly with our extensive line of electric, fumeless interior demolition equipment.

One Call, Full Demolition Services

We are equipped to do all aspects of your demolition, including removing the foundation, quickly and cleanly. Call us today at 403-225-4445 for a quote on your demolition.