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Concrete Wire Sawing Services

Wire sawing cuts concrete in even the hardest to reach places — underwater, in very confined spaces, and on limited-access job sites. Consider wire sawing if you want to eliminate disruptions, reduce line downtime and minimize cost on your concrete sawing project.

  • Remove concrete bridges, foundations, underwater bridge pilings, and more!
  • Demolish massive buildings, bridges, or almost anything large constructed of concrete


  • Ideal for industrial and heavy civil applications, especially in live production facilities or in areas where there is restricted access
  • Produces low vibration, noise, and dust, enabling controlled demolition in busy traffic, sensitive and occupied areas, and where trades, line operations and production facilities must continue to work without interruption


  • Cuts through nearly unlimited wall thicknesses
  • Cuts metal and thick, heavily reinforced concrete to your exact specifications
  • Offers the highest flexibility with the positioning of the machine
  • Works well when you have a limited amount of space

Electric Wire Sawing

Electric wire saw cutting is available in areas where noise and fumes are undesirable. Electric wire saw cutting is useful for the structural alteration of buildings and the technical demolition of structural components (bridges, chimneys, foundations). It can be used to create openings of all kinds in almost any shape


CanWest can use an electric wire saw to cut a wide range of materials, including heavily reinforced concrete and metre-thick stonework

. It’s safe, clean and effective.

Wire sawing Roller compacted concrete test pad to evaluate layers

How Concrete Wire Sawing Works

A hydraulically powered, diamond impregnated “rope” is drawn, like cheese-wire, through concrete flooring, walls, and beams, leaving clean, smooth surfaces.

The wire has a steel core of strands 6mm in diameter and can be almost any length. 10mm diamond beads are spaced along its length approximately 30mm apart.

The wire is positioned over the pulleys and fed through pre-drilled holes in the concrete you want cut. The wire, joined by special crimps, is then pulled back over the drive pulley.

Wire sawing is carried out by sawing at a constant speed while applying pressure on the wire by expanding the pulleys.

how concrete wire sawing works

Wire sawing originated in the stone quarries of Europe as a fast, safe, and cost effective alternative to conventional demolition methods. Wire sawing is a flexible sawing technique that can be used to cut out large areas. The system can be configured to fit into confined spaces and is ideally designed for extremely thick concrete.

Contact us today to discuss whether diamond wire sawing is the best solution for your project.

Electric Demolition and Renovation Equipment

In addition to our electric wire sawing, we offer a complete line up of state-of-the-art, fumeless equipment for all your interior projects. Our electric demolition robot and electric concrete cutting equipment will save you time and money and get your project done safely.

Concrete Scanning

No need to hire more contractors than necessary. We also provide concrete scanning services with our StructureScan optical ground penetrating radar equipment.