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Concrete Repair & Crack Sealing Company

Quick, Professional Crack Sealing & Concrete Repair Services

We find the lowest cost, fastest way to get the job done!

Our concrete repair specialists and crack sealing crews can use their equipment to take care of your project quickly & efficiently.

Crack Sealing & Concrete Repair Services We Can Provide:

  • Concrete joint repair/rehabilitation
  • Replacing damaged joint filler
  • Dowel bar retrofit
  • Stitching concrete pavement cracks & joints
    • Slot stitching crack repair
    • Cross stitching crack repair
      • Usually less intrusive to the slab
      • Less exposed surface area
      • Less backfill material needed
  • Foundation crack sealing & repairs
    • Benefits
      • No costly excavation required
      • Minimal disruption to homeowners
      • Can be completed in an eight hour day
      • Clean and efficient process
    • Process
      1. Wire brush surface
      2. Prep for ports by drilling 6-8″ perpendicular to the crack at a depth of 3/8″
      3. The ports are placed and fixed with Sika anchorfix 3001
      4. Starting from the bottom and working up the wall we “chase” the crack by filling the injection ports
      5. 5-6 hours later we remove the ports and the crack has been filled

      Ask us about our extended warranty.

  • Crack chasing and sealing
  • Concrete spall repair
  • & Much More!

Equipment Used For Concrete Repair & Crack Sealing:

  • Concrete Drills
  • Jack Hammers
  • Concrete Cutting Saws
  • Crack Chasing Saws