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Slab Cutting (Slab Sawing)

Slab cutting is the most well-known diamond cutting method. Slab cutting features a diamond blade that is mounted on a walk-behind machine requiring one operator. It is generally used to cut flat surfaces such as floors, bridge decks and expansion joints, as well as concrete and asphalt pavement.

Slab cutting can be performed with a gas or electric/exhaust-free unit.

Slab cutting is an efficient way to cut any aggregate. It is quick and precise, allowing other contracting work to be performed virtually uninterrupted.

Typical Applications Include:

  • Cutting reinforced concrete floors
  • Cutting expansion and control joints
  • Trenching
  • Road repairs
  • Airport runway repairs
  • Curb and gutter removal

CanWest has more than 10 slab saws on the road plus one electric saw, so when you call we can be at your job site within 2 to 4 hours. If a saw should break down we can quickly replace it with a new saw, keeping you on schedule. Every one of our slab sawing trucks is equipped with a vacuum clean up unit so that we are always in full compliance with environmental regulations and never allow any slurry to enter the water system.

Interior Slab Cutting and Demolition

Looking for a safe solution for your interior cutting and renovation work? Get your projects done safer, faster and less expensively with our fumeless, electric demolition and electric concrete cutting equipment.

Concrete Scanning

We’ll also scan your concrete before we cut with our StructureScan optical ground penetrating radar equipment.