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Electric Concrete Cutting for Indoor Applications

Keep your people safe and get your indoor trenching done safely with electric concrete sawing.

CanWest uses generator-run electric saws to cut trenches for plumbing and electrical needs in your industrial building. This prevents harmful gas or diesel fuel from endangering the lives of others in the building, so you can get the concrete sawing done while the building is occupied and stay on schedule.

Protecting the Environment and People

There are hazards involved in concrete cutting. Sawing indoors can be hazardous to anyone in the area. We use hydraulic wall sawing equipment on your indoor or confined space project so exhaust fumes are not an issue.

Taking protection one step further to include the environment, we also use environmentally safe vegetable oils instead of motor oil to run our hydraulic concrete sawing machinery. In the event of any oil leaks there is no contamination.

Electric Slab Saw

For worksites inside of buildings, where carbon monoxide is a problem, we use electric slab saws. These 10 to 50 horsepower saws, which run on 220 or 480-volt three-phase power (available on most job sites or, if necessary, supplied by our own generators) have the additional virtue of being quiet with almost zero vibration for work in occupied buildings.

Fumeless Interior Demolition and Renovation

In addition to our electric concrete cutting services, we can also do any of your interior demolition work fumelessly, with our state-of-the-art electric demolition robot.